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    “Pharmaceutical companies view Covid-19 as a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity,”
    ― Gerald Posner, author of “Pharma: Greed, Lies, and the Poisoning of America.”

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Vests Go Viral

Charlotte Dubenskij reports on the ongoing Yellow Vest movement in France and the petition circulating demanding to sue the government over negligence when it comes to fighting climate change. Then, Ashlee Banks talks with Former UK MP George Galloway about Macron’s concessions, the future and goals of the Yellow Vest movement and the uprisings across Europe and Asia that they are inspiring.

The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2017-2018

The presentation of the Top 25 stories of 2017-2018 extends the tradition originated by Professor Carl Jensen and his Sonoma State University students in 1976, while reflecting how the expansion of the Project to include affiliate faculty and students from campuses across North America has made the Project even more diverse and robust. During this year’s cycle, Project Censored reviewed over 300 Validated Independent News stories (VINs) representing the collective efforts of 351 college students and 15 professors from 13 college and university campuses that participated in the Project’s Campus Affiliates Program during the past year.

Source: The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2017-2018

Globalists call for ‘celebration’ of plunging human fertility as war against humanity accelerates

“Declining fertility rates around the world should be cause for celebration, not alarm, a leading expert has said,” reports the UK Guardian.

‘You may recall it was barely two weeks ago that the New York Times published an op-ed applauding the extermination of the human race as a way to “save the planet.” Now, The UK Guardian, a globalist-run propaganda rag that despises human freedom, has published a story saying that declining birth rates of human babies is a “cause for celebration.”

The story cites Sarah Harper, a former director of the Royal Institution, a globalist-run depopulation front group, who explains that, “far from igniting alarm and panic falling total fertility rates were to be embraced, and countries should not worry if their population is not growing.”

Incredibly, Sarah Harper cites the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and illegal immigration as reasons why human fertility doesn’t matter anymore. Apparently, she thinks that Third World illegals and self-aware machines will replace the humans in developing nations. That’s exactly why these globalists want open borders, by the way… to overrun First World nations and populate them with low-education masses that are easy to control (and easy for globalists to exterminate).

Giving birth to human babies to sustain human society, “is really old thinking,” she explains in the UK Guardian article. “All the evidence is, that if families, households, societies, countries have to deal with large numbers of dependants, it takes away resources that could be put into driving society, the economy etc.,” she stated. In other words, Harper is arguing that having human babies is holding back society, and that real “progress” requires shutting down reproductive fertility.’

Read more: Globalists call for ‘celebration’ of plunging human fertility as war against humanity accelerates

Source: David Icke | Globalists call for ‘celebration’ of plunging human fertility as war against humanity accelerates

Spotlight (2015)

The true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, shaking the entire Catholic Church to its core.

SPOTLIGHT tells the riveting true story of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe investigation that would rock the city and cause a crisis in one of the world’s oldest and most trusted institutions. When the newspaper’s tenacious “Spotlight” team of reporters delve into allegations of abuse in the Catholic Church, their year-long investigation uncovers a decades-long cover-up at the highest levels of Boston’s religious, legal, and government establishment, touching off a wave of revelations around the world. Directed by Academy Award-nominee Thomas McCarthy, SPOTLIGHT is a tense investigative thriller, tracing the steps to one of the biggest crime stories in modern times. Starring Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schrieber, Brian D’Arcy James and Stanley Tucci,

Yellow Jackets Uprising Against Neoliberal Macron Who Put In Place Permanent Fascist State of Emergency Laws, After France Abused Temporary State of Emergency Measures: Putting Citizens Under Preventive House Arrest | A Green Road Journal

Yellow Jackets Uprising Against Neoliberal Macron Who Put In Place Permanent Fascist State of Emergency Laws, After France Abused Temporary State of Emergency Measures: Putting Citizens Under Preventive House Arrest


Has the revolution started in France?


What seems to be rising just about all around the world (including inside of France) is a combination of Militarism, Capitalism, and Racism. The 1 percent are backing more and more political leaders globally. In France, Macron is backed up by and was put into power by the Rothshild billionaire family. Neoliberals are just as bad if not worse than Neoconservatives. Macron looks like he may be imposing his will on the 99 percent, via host of laws that grant him and his 1 percent friends absolute power and absolute control.. Here are some of the first steps he is taking to consolidate his hold on power.

The Shocking Truth About Emmanuel Macron – What You Need To Know!


Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Speech About The Three Evils of White American Society; Racism, Militarism And Capitalism – Scientific Power Has Outrun Our Spiritual Power. We Have Guided Missiles And Misguided Men

Underneath the appearance of being pro COP21 and anti global warming, is a focus on one dimensional thinking, with little interest in going beyond this. By going deeper into these three ‘evils’, the world is headed down into darkness and the abyss. It is great that France and the UK chose a more moderate leader, rather than a far right leader in the last election. Maybe a ray of light is starting to shine, but why is it that the only real choices being offered are between 1 percent billionaire backed candidates and extreme far right wing candidates?
One Dimensional Thinking Compared To Two Dimensional, Three Dimensional, Multi Dimensional Thinking; Great Awareness, Imagination, Intuition, Curiosity, Compassion, Empathy, Questioning, Love, Evolution, Growth And Expanding Consciousness



Can a country like France or the US still claim to be a democracy when human rights, justice, religious freedom and free speech freedoms disappear? In the Philippines, a wholesale slaughter is happening of alleged drug users and dealers, via outright murders on the street with no judge, no jury, no charges and no justice system, other than a group of people with bats, guns or police assassinating people.


The Philippines claims to be a democracy, but how can that be with a situation where the state can just murder anyone it wants to, based on a rumor, neighbor complaint or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Can anyone disagree with the leader, without fear of being assassinated? How much REAL freedom, rights, justice and democracy is there in the Philippines, other than in name and appearance?

Russia is led by an autocratic 1 percenter Putin, who assassinates anyone daring to challenge his long corrupt and greed based reign. Russia seems to now be best friends with Trump and the US, which is a radical departure from what went on under Obama.  The Constitution of Russia technically forbids what Putin is doing, but he has found a way around term limits, by switching back and forth from President to Prime Minister. The media is state controlled, which means Putin owned. How much REAL freedom, rights,religous freedom, real impartial justice and true democracy is there in Russia, other than in name and appearance?
Saudi Arabia is a despotic dictatorship for all practical intents and purposes, while sponsoring terrorists groups and terror producing Wahhabi schools. It has almost zero freedom, zero free speech, close to zero human rights and close to zero religious freedom, It is best friends and allies with the United States and had a dance plus orb holding session with best friend Donald Trump. This country has almost zero human rights, freedoms and democracy. Why is Trump dancing and orb holding with them?
Communist China is also best friends and favored trading nation with the US. It has almost zero freedom, zero free speech, close to zero human rights and close to zero religious freedom,
France is about to go down the road to Fascism, despite being led by a ‘neoliberal’ government under Macron. On the positive side, Macron is asking US climate scientists to come to France. How will that work in practice? The 1 percent don’t really care if the Paris Accords are honored or now, as long as they can consolidate power and amass ever more riches, while taking them from the 99 percent.
Hitler was also a ‘neoliberal’ and a Socialist, making him a Neoliberal Socialist, who believed in top down 1 percent forced and fascist solutions from a pyramid of power where he wielded all of the power and control, absolutely.  Hitler wanted to make Germany ‘great again’, but his dictatorial and despotic tyrannical 1 percent led reign proved to end up in a Fascist warmonger  inspired World War II, due to the three evils of Racism, Militarism, and Capitalism. Is France going down this same road, or will it go another way?


Many other countries that ‘grew’ extremely Fascist styles of government like Japan and Italy joined Hitler in his global quest for domination over other countries, order to have ABSOLUTE power globally. Currently, it seems that the run up to a WWIII is in the works, as many supposed democracies are descending into Fascist forms of government, both via Neoliberal and Neoconservative leaders that favor war over peace accords and UN brokered agreements. As they above countries descend into more Militarism, Capitalism, Racism, brutality, absolute power, and absolute control, it will results in more and more absolute corruption.


Power and money corrupts

Absolute power and absolutely insane mountains of money corrupt absolutely

The common underlying global theme is growing fear and hatred, fueled by mass media hyper focusing on supposed enemies such as ‘terrorists’. How many deaths does terrorism cause in total per year, compared to all other causes of death?


What is fascism?

No country is immune from corporate controlled fascism. Corporations have unlimited life times, unlimited amounts of money at their disposal and huge armies of lobbyists, plus access to corporate controlled mass media. Unless the 99 percent stand up to fascist leaders and tendencies, fascism is the ‘natural’ end result of a devolution into more and more greed, selfishness and self serving power grabs by the 1 percent, against the 99 percent.


Fascism can and will happen under Neoliberals like Macron, or here in the US under Clinton, Pelosi and other paid off corporate Democrats.


Liberal fascism: It’s Macron, not Le Pen, making state of emergency permanent

Emmanuel Macron very quickly made it official: He will introduce a bill which will transform extraordinary state of emergency powers into regular police practice. According to Le Monde, which saw a leaked copy of the bill: “…almost all the measures of the state of emergency will be found in common law.”
What this means is that the post-Charlie Hebdo war hysteria has not only never stopped, but will have become the new, permanent normal: Anyone can be arrested, searched and detained with just a simple accusation. Judges simply need to be “informed”; police have carte blanche.
So…when can I start referring to France as an “authoritarian state” without getting edited?
LOL, I don’t know what it would actually require to finally start calling that spade a “spade”…. I am reminded that Confucius’ “rectification of names” doctrine shows that the failure to call things by their proper names can only lead to social disorder.
I hate to say I told you so, but after less than one month in power Macron has proven to be what many feared: All the fascism of Marine Le Pen, slightly less (perhaps) of the xenophobia, 100 times the austerity. What a lousy formula that is! And despite all the warning signs, Macron won pretty handily. And again, despite all the warning signs, Macron’s party is set to win an absolute majority in Parliament when the final round votes are tallied on June 18. The bill transforming civil liberties in France will be immediately introduced three days later, on June 21. Macron is not wasting any time in showing his true colors, and the bill was obviously whistle-blown in order to warn voters.



Fascism grows much like boiling frogs slowly.


Using the state of emergency declared after Paris terrorist attacks to arrest citizens who they believe might protest during the climate conference clearly violates UN Human Rights criteria which state that measures taken during a state of emergency should be “limited to the extent strictly required by the exigencies of the situation.” Already the announced duration of the state of emergency, into next year, appears excessive. Terrorists attacks are nothing new in France. Given France’s ongoing legacy of abuse in Africa (including uranium mining), along with its participation in the kidnapping of Haiti’s democratically elected president, no one should be surprised that it abuses its own people. Countries who abuse other peoples appear to abuse their own, as well.
French uranium mine in Niger
Niger Uranium Mine
French State owned Areva’s uranium mine in Niger



One of the most bizarre things about the recently declared French State of Emergency is that the government was willing and able to search the home of an anti-nuclear activist for warning that the new French nuclear reactor could not withstand a suicide airplane attack (kami-kaze), but the French government alleged that a state of emergency was required to search the homes of terrorists. See: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stéphane_Lhomme



Time will tell, but it is a worrying sign when the military patrols the streets with automatic weapons and in full military gear. Usually, that is only reserved for Fascist governments, who rule with an iron fist, and allow no dissent.

Goosestep via wikimedia
Are Jackboots of fascism on the march again in France?


Did France learn from history, or will the lesson have to be repeated again?

Petain flag CC0 via wikipedia Vichy
Personal flag of Philippe Pétain, (Fascist) Chief of State of (Fascist) Vichy France https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vichy_France
From: “Human Rights Committee, General Comment 29, States of Emergency (article 4), U.N. Doc. CCPR/C/21/Rev.1/Add.11 (2001)”: “4. A fundamental requirement for any measures derogating from the Covenant, as set forth in article 4, paragraph 1, is that such measures are limited to the extent strictly required by the exigencies of the situation. This requirement relates to the duration, geographical coverage and material scope of the state of emergency and any measures of derogation resorted to because of the emergency…” [1]


From Common Dreams:
“France Puts 24 Climate Activists Under House Arrest Ahead of COP21
‘A gross abuse of power that risks turning the summit into a farce’ Published on Saturday, November 28, 2015, by Common Dreams staff
French police have placed 24 activists under ‘house arrest’ ahead of the major UN climate warming COP21 talks starting near Paris next week.
The French interior ministry said Friday the government was trying to prevent the activists from demonstrating ahead of the COP21 conference, but their lawyers and Amnesty International accused the government of abusing the ‘state of emergency’ put into effect after the Paris attacks.
Three of those arrested are accused of belonging to the “radical opposition movement”, according to Agence France Presse.
“They are banned from leaving their home town in western France without special police permission, they must report to a local police station three times a day and remain at their homes between 8:00 pm and 6:00 am until December 12, the day after the talks are due to end.”
The interior ministry says the three individuals have caused “serious disturbances to public order” in the past.
Author and climate change activist, Naomi Klein, accused the French authorities of “a gross abuse of power that risks turning the summit into a farce”.
“Climate summits are not photo opportunities to boost the popularity of politicians. Given the stakes of the climate crisis, they are by their nature highly contested. That is democracy, messy as it may be. The French government, under cover of anti-terrorism laws, seems to be trying to avoid this, shamefully banning peaceful demonstrations and using emergency powers to pre-emptively detain key activists,” Klein told the Guardian.
The activists’ lawyer, Marie Dose, said the state of emergency was being “misused” in their cases. “This is an attack on the right to demonstrate,” she said.
In the wake of the attacks in Paris that killed 130 people on November 13, the government banned all public demonstrations linked to COP21.
Stephan Oberreit, head of Amnesty International France, said the measures taken by the government were “disproportionate”.
“The systematic banning of all meetings linked to COP21 deprives critical voices of an essential outlet to express themselves,” he said in a statement. “Amnesty International believes that banning any gatherings related to the COP21 of Nov. 28 to 30, appears to be a disproportionate interference with the right to demonstrate on this subject, since the date of the rallies is closely related to the holding of the COP21.”
France’s Human Rights League (LDH) on Thursday condemned the decision to place Joel Domenjoud, a member of the legal team for the coalition of protest groups, under house arrest.
Domenjoud, a legal activist, told the Guardian that he had been served with a restraining order wrongly describing him as a “principal leader of the ultra-left movement” just hours after a judge refused to hear an appeal against the ban on the climate demo that he had petitioned for.
“I wasn’t there when they came to my house but my neighbor called me to say ‘What’s wrong? The stairs are full of cops from the first to the third floor!’” he said.
Domenjoud says he was then followed by several undercover officers, before returning home, where he was served with the restraining notice.
“I feel angry about it because I think they made a big mistake,” Domenjoud added. “They weren’t looking for people like us activists – or if they were, it shows that they can target people for no reason at all and our civil liberties are in danger.” CC-BY-SA-3.0


Note 1: From: “Human Rights Committee, General Comment 29, States of Emergency (article 4), U.N. Doc. CCPR/C/21/Rev.1/Add.11 (2001): “4. A fundamental requirement for any measures derogating from the Covenant, as set forth in article 4, paragraph 1, is that such measures are limited to the extent strictly required by the exigencies of the situation. This requirement relates to the duration, geographical coverage and material scope of the state of emergency and any measures of derogation resorted to because of the emergency. Derogation from some Covenant obligations in emergency situations is clearly distinct from restrictions or limitations allowed even in normal times under several provisions of the Covenant.[2] Nevertheless, the obligation to limit any derogations to those strictly required by the exigencies of the situation reflects the principle of proportionality which is common to derogation and limitation powers. Moreover, the mere fact that a permissible derogation from a specific provision may, of itself, be justified by the exigencies of the situation does not obviate the requirement that specific measures taken pursuant to the derogation must also be shown to be required by the exigencies of the situation. In practice, this will ensure that no provision of the Covenant, however validly derogated from will be entirely inapplicable to the behaviour of a State party. When considering States parties’ reports the Committee has expressed its concern over insufficient attention being paid to the principle of proportionality.[3]” http://www1.umn.edu/humanrts/gencomm/hrc29.html (Emphasis our own).



“Using emergency powers, France puts climate activists under house arrest French authorities place 24 climate activists under house arrest for the duration of the Paris climate summit under precautionary pretenses, but some are calling the government’s detention of potential protesters a violation of free speech.” By Story Hinckley, Staff NOVEMBER 29, 2015
miningawareness | November 30, 2015 at 5:21 am | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/p2FMRA-5Vc



There is a birth of multi dimensional thinking and of an expanded state of consciousness that is leading to Oneness in the world. But at the same time this birth is happening, there is also a death and dying process happening. Which one will ‘win’ in the end?

The choice is ours to make individually. Ideally, we focus individually on love, peace, forgiveness and creating a world of Oneness that works for everyone.

But for those who don’t want to evolve, there is the option of devolution into darkness, which grows fear, separation, anxiety, anger, hatred and violence, as the ‘dying’ choice.

Yellow Jackets Uprising Against Neoliberal Macron Who Put In Place Permanent Fascist State of Emergency Laws, After France Abused Temporary State of Emergency Measures: Putting Citizens Under Preventive House Arrest
Website and contact page
A Green Road Project – Science Of Sustainable Health Open Source Commons Knowledge Database

Source:  A Green Road Journal

What Were the Orphan Trains?

What Were the Orphan Trains?

The real-life history behind Wanderville. 

The orphan trains were a series of social service programs that relocated poor and homeless city children.From 1854 to 1929, more than 200,000 children traveled by train from the East Coast to seek new homes in nearly every state in the continental United States.

Poverty in the Cities

 By the mid-1800s, millions of people lived in poverty in East Coast cities like Boston and New York. Many were immigrants who had recently arrived from other countries seeking a better life. Others had come from more rural parts of the U.S. to work in factories. As a result, cities were growing, and some areas, especially poor neighborhoods, were becoming extremely crowded.

In one such area, New York’s Lower East Side, people lived in tenements, densely populated apartment buildings that were run-down and unsanitary. Many families lived in just one or two small, cramped rooms which often lacked direct sunlight or even windows. Some tenement apartments housed illegal factories, where workers sewed garments or assembled items like brooms or cigars, working long hours for low wages. Children were among the urban poor. They lived in slums and tenements with their families and many worked in factories—sometimes instead of going to school.

Courtesy of the National Archives

Photo by Lewis Hine. Courtesy of the National Archives

A great many children were homeless as well. The polluted water and filthy living conditions in big cities led to epidemics and other diseases that left children orphaned. Some children were abandoned by parents who were too destitute to raise them; others were runaways escaping abuse or neglect. Although many private charitable and religious organizations operated orphan asylums, they were often filled to capacity. Thousands of children lived on the streets: they begged strangers for money, foraged through garbage, and slept in doorways and alleys. Some even turned to crime, picking pockets, stealing food, or joining street gangs. All of these children were commonly known as “urchins,” “waifs,” or “little wanderers.”

The Children’s Aid Society

In the 1850s, a minster named Charles Loring Brace went to work in New York City as a missionary dedicated to helping the poor. When he saw how many children were homeless, he founded an organization called The Children’s Aid Society. Brace felt that orphanages weren’t the best solution for these children. He also believed that if they grew up on the streets, they would become criminals as adults. Through the Children’s Aid Society, his goal was to send these children far from the cities to live in the country, where he thought they would have better lives.

At first the Children’s Aid Society placed children in rural households in New England and upstate New York. But advances in railroad travel made it possible to send larger numbers of children farther west. In 1854, the Children’s Aid Society sent its first group of 46 children by boat and train to Dowagiac, Michigan. When the children arrived there, the town residents and local farmers were invited to choose a boy or a girl to take home. The trip was considered a success, and over the next sixty years, many more trainloads followed, carrying children to the Midwest and beyond. Other charity organizations began to send children on trains as well, from Boston, Baltimore and other East Coast cities in addition to New York.

Being “Placed Out”

Many of the children who rode the orphan trains came from city orphanages. But a significant number of the train riders were not full orphans at all—they had at least one living parent who had given them up in order to save them from a life of poverty. Once they boarded the trains, most children never saw or heard from their birth families again. They were given new clothes and sometimes a Bible, and they traveled in groups escorted by at least one adult. The train journeys would often take several days.

The trains stopped at towns where people were waiting to see and select the children. A train’s arrival would be advertised in advance, with handbills, posters, and notices in the newspapers. Some people were interested in choosing a child to raise as their own. Others, though, were looking for older children who could do housework, farm chores or other labor.

Handbill advertising orphan train.

Handbill advertising orphan train.

At each stop, the orphan train riders were lined up at the train depot or other public area while people looked them over. Boys and girls were often inspected closely to see if they were healthy and suited for hard work—people looked into their mouths to check their teeth or felt their limbs, treating them much like livestock. Sometimes a child would sing a song or recite a poem in order to make a good impression. Unless they were lucky enough to be chosen by the same family, siblings were often separated and sent to live in different homes from one another. Once the selection process had finished, any children who were not chosen would return to the train with their escorts and continue to the next stop, where the selection would begin again.

Many children were adopted into the families that chose them. Some, however, were little more than servants, and some were abused, neglected, or overworked. While the Children’s Aid Society tried to check on the children they placed and make sure they were treated well, it was often very difficult to follow up. Sometimes, when there were problems, a child would be sent to a new home. Other times a child might simply run away.

Despite these problems, the orphan train program made a difference in the lives of many children. A number of them went on to be successful in adulthood. Two members of congress and a Supreme Court justice rode the orphan trains as children, and two boys who were on the same train in 1859 became the governor of North Dakota and the governor of Alaska.

The orphan trains stopped running in 1929. By then, the ways to help homeless children were beginning to change. More government social programs were established to help the poor, and large orphanages were being replaced by foster homes. Many years after the last orphan train ran, a museum in Concordia, Kansas was built to remember the thousands of young riders.

Source: What Were the Orphan Trains?

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