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Admiralty Law on Trial – Federal Reserve TDA Accounts – Heather Jarraf Trial

Admiralty Law on Trial.

Are you a human being or a corporate entity that was “birthed” when you signed a birth certificate? Are you the slave of the Federal Reserve banksters, with a name in full caps “TITUS FROST” or are you a human being protected by the US Constitution as “Titus Frost”. This is the trial for our right to be identified as a human or as a corporate slave to the federal reserve.

Many people are likely not aware, but since 1871 Washington DC has been a Corporation, created under Admiralty Law. Also the Court system until you reach the Supreme Court, does not adhere to the US Constitution but rather is under admiralty law.

I will be going over some interesting information about the Federal Reserve and this thing called TDA Accounts, and how this is being put on trial. Neile Wolfe joins me to discuss the case.

TDA Account / Collateral Account Explanation:

TDA Accounts also known as collateral accounts are accounts in every American citizens name and the account number is the social security number, the routing number is the Federal Reserve Branch nearest where you were “birthed” on your birth certificate. These accounts hold hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in each American citizens name as collateral for the national debt since the removal of the gold standard in 1933. This is what backs the USD, it is the citizens who are enslaved to it.

In this case an individual Mr. Bean, decided to use his TDA account to buy a half million dollar RV, which worked until the Fed picked up on the transaction and then this whole thing went crazy. See the interview. These TDA accounts exist, you can access them, but if you do the Fed Reserve mafia will come after you, so I would recommend not doing this.

This case for obvious reasons cuts right to the core of the financial enslavement of Americans. This is important for people to understand.
YOU are a HUMAN BEING! Not a Corporate Entity! Admiralty Law Courts Have No Jurisdiction Over you!
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10 AM Prayer / Meditation Session

I just partook in the prayer session / meditation session to support this event. The power of prayer is real, and consciousness experiments have been proven scientifically. However you can send your positive thoughts or prayers their way all day. It can’t hurt to try.
Periscope of the Trial Today!

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